Posted by: critzpastor | August 12, 2008

“You don’t get here by accident!”


Our New Home!

Our New Home!

We heard these words from a member of our new church on Wednesday night and never have truer words been spoken.  In a very quick turn of events, the Lord has opened a door of change for us to walk through, as we become the senior pastors of the Critz Church of God in Critz, VA.  And you really don’t get there by accident!


Today (two weeks ago), we announced to the members of Marble Hill Church of God that we had been appointed to Critz and would be leaving next week.  It was a sad but exciting time as we were able to reflect on how the last 5+ years had blessed and changed us all.  We have developed many friendships that we pray will continue through the years.  We have been blessed to pastor a loving and supportive congregation.  We have lived, loved, wept and rejoiced together in service for the Lord.  Thank you all friends and family of Marble Hill!


We have relocated to the Patrick Co. community located southwest of Martinsville, VA.  We will be starting school, setting up house and meeting our new church family,over the next few weeks.  We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.  Critz COG has a long and rich history of ministry in their greater community.  Through their bus ministry to children, dynamic worship and television ministry they have been impacting their region of Virginia for the Kingdom for many years.  We look forward to joining them in these ministries and entering into new areas of outreach as the Lord directs us.


Please keep our family and both of these wonderful churches in your prayers during these times of transition!  This blog will continue, but will probably be changing its address in the days to come.  I’ll let you know more as we go along.  


Marble Hill’s website has been relocated to  This has been necessary to do very technical reasons that basically revolve around the fact that this has all taken us a little by surprise.  When we set up this site I had no idea we would be leaving and need to relocate it.  Oh, well!



  1. I’m very excited for you guys. I’ll be praying for your transition.

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