Posted by: critzpastor | August 13, 2008

“The Cleaner”


Here honey, this will help!

Here honey, this will help!

My wife has had a nick name for me for years now it’s “the cleaner”.  She wishes that it was my fastidiousness, but unfortunately, not so!  No, it seems that one of my “talents” is the ability to walk into difficult situations and eventually get things “cleaned up”.  This skill works equally well with people as well as stuff.  At times this “giftedness” has shown itself in the elementary classroom, church business meetings and group homes for special needs adults.  Whether it is relationally, or in attics, sheds and churches with clutter and junk the cleaning gets done.


To be honest, I haven’t always appreciated the nick name or the times that I have had to earn it!  It has stunk at times to be the one that has to clean up the messes that others have left behind.  Yet, as I get older I have begun to see that often I have been able to minister to others in times when they would often get ignored or avoided otherwise.  Some of my best friendships have been forged in these awkward times. Of course their are times when I have created the mess, but that’s for another time …

The point is that now I am trying to cherish and appreciate that these opportunities are given to me not as punishment, but as reward!  Each time serves as an opportunity for servant leadership. Foot washing, if you will.

So have you ever had a “talent”, “gift” or “blessing” that you had to learn to appreciate?


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