Posted by: critzpastor | August 20, 2008

Vision is critical!


A rose by any other name ...?

A rose by any other name ...?

I’m not trying to make fun of my new stomping grounds, really I’m not, but I couldn’t resist this sign!

We first noticed the name, and well, that speaks for itself.  There is something to be said for working with the hand you’ve been dealt.  There is also a lot of wisdom in knowing when to avoid a thing altogether!  You see the name of the community really is Horsepasture, no joke!  But that may not be the best selling point for a beauty salon!

It wasn’t until we took the picture that we actually read the moto, “Best little hair house in horsepasture”. Call me crazy, but I’m a little confused by that moto!  I mean I know what it says, but what is it saying?

It reminds me of the premise of God Chasers, by Tommy Tenney, “No bread in the house of bread” where he describes the famine that Bethlehem (house of bread) was experiencing in the days of Naomi, in the book of Ruth .  I want my life and the community of believers that I am blessed to be with to have what we advertise we have.  In order to do that we must be honest and intentional about the Good News we live and are presenting to others.  We also have to be real/transparent, in our relationships with each other and the community.  That begins with me. My prayer is Lord keep me real!

What say you?


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