Posted by: critzpastor | August 21, 2008

One fine Lady!


I still believe!

I still believe!

We were blessed to take a cruise with our high school seniors last year, and that is where I took this picture! It was an awesome trip to the Bahamas, but seeing this lady, for the first time, was definitely one the highlights for me.  I guess the reason for that is that I still believe in “the American Dream”, but not what you might think.

I believe not in the glitz and glamour or the selfishness and greed that many call “the Dream”.  No I believe in those values that formed this country from its beginning.  I believe in freedom and personal responsibility.  I believe in truth and accountability.  There are others that are probably much more eloquent when it comes to discussing this issue.  But it hurts me to see this country in the current state of affairs.

I believe in being involved in the political process.  I believe that any institution whether a church or a government can only be changed from the inside.  But I also believe that the world we live in is only a mere shadow of the real world that is just beyond our sight.  We live in the Shadow lands.  The problems this country face cannot be resolved by political juggling or justifications.  The liberty that we need only comes from the one source that many are so desperately trying to eliminate.  We need to become “One nation under God” again!

There is a path before each person that seems rightbut it ends in death.”

Do you still believe?


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