Posted by: critzpastor | August 26, 2008

Gettin’ dirty!


Blue Gold!

Blue Gold!

We struck it rich!

So we’re out driving with my folks on Saturday, just learning the differences between up town and down town.  On the way home, we spot a sign for blueberries and curiosity gets the best of us.  We were hoping for a real good deal on a pint or maybe a quart.  What we found was a grove? of blueberry bushes with a sign that said “Honor system, blueberries $4 per gallon, you pick”.  And we did on Saturday and then again on Monday morning!  The fruit was beautiful!




It was my first time picking blueberries.  But I’m willing to bet it doesn’t get much more perfect.  The rows were neat, the bushes were loaded, and there weren’t even any  bugs!  Yet as perfect as it was my hands still got dirty.  Just the acting of picking the fruit got juice, dust and who knows what else on them.


Blue Gold residue

Blue Gold residue

Here’s the point.  If your praying for the harvest in your church or ministry, your going to have to get dirty before you see any fruit!  It doesn’t matter how perfect the set up is, or how well planned  the ministry.  Working in the harvest is naturally dirty work.  It’s not until the fruit is washed in the water of the Word that it starts getting a little bit cleaner, but by then we have to switch analogies and start talking about babies.  And we all know how messy and dirty they can be …

What say you?


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