Posted by: critzpastor | August 31, 2008

Move it or loose it!


In the weeds

In the weeds


 Have you ever felt like you were being over taken?  I’m sure if you have, then you can relate to this picture.  

What occurred to me is that this piece of equipment had to have been useful at some point.  It must have been used on a regular basis, but at some point it was parked and well this happened.  It obviously didn’t happen over night, but one day turned into another then before you know it your in the weeds.

Is it possible that this really sad picture can be symbolic of so many Christians today?  They were once active, vibrant, useful, then at some point they stopped.  It may not have even been a conscious decision.  They just stopped and by the time they realized what was happening they were stuck, in the weeds!

I’m not a mechanic but I think that one thing that keeps machinery and Christians moving and in good working order is regular maintenance.  It is critical that we take “down time” in our personal lives for renewal from the stress and strain of life, and restoration from the ware and tare of keeping up with life’s heavy pace.  We are renewed by rest, fellowship, prayer, praise and time in the word.  Our restoration takes place when we are accountable to others and we stop and let the Holy Spirit search our hearts for the “weights and sins” that so easily take hold of us.

So on this Labor Day Weekend take time to pull away from the hustle and rest.  Be open and available to renewal and restoration.  Get out of the weeds and keep moving!


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