Posted by: critzpastor | September 2, 2008

Shush …. listen!


The Story

The Story

I love antiques.  I love old rural houses.  I’m intrigued by archeology, biography, and basically any shows that tell you how things happened or even how they work.  Have you ever heard the saying, “If these walls could talk?”  Well this shack grabs my attention and fascinates me because I wonder what it has seen.  I always long to know the story behind the story.  Especially, when I see places like this one.

I’m learning to see people much the same way.  I’m trying to look beyond what is broken or run down.  I want to see the character and not the faults, and to see potential and promise not pretense.  I want to know their story and tell them mine.  I want to appreciate others for who they are and no matter what state they are in.

It strikes me that you can always find something wrong with every thing and everyone if you try hard enough.  But you miss out on the richness of relationships.  The camaraderie of humans acting humanly.  That’s what you get when you take time to find out some one else’s story.


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