Posted by: critzpastor | September 5, 2008

The rose




I have always wondered why such beauty comes with thorns?  Not necessarily from a biological perspective, but from a “God” type perspective.  Did it have to have thorns?  Is there some deep spiritual reason?

I’m sure that only the Lord knows.  What it has done for me is to teach me respect.  To understand that the beauty and the fragrance come at a price.  The rose although attractive must be handled with care.  In a way it reminds me of us, the human race.  We all have talents, skills and other things that make us attractive, but likewise we all come with our thorns.

I had a great conversation with a friend today.  The question was brought up about how to handle people who have thorns.  You know what I mean, folks who aren’t perfect, maybe not even saved.  We kept coming back to the issue of Love.  God’s Love.  I think we have to love imperfect people with thorns.  We learn to appreciate their beauty and fragrance, while still respecting those things that make them human.

Does a person have to be without thorns (read perfect) in order to be useful in the church?  What if they have gifts and talents and are willing and anxious to help in the church, but they still have thorns?  When I look back at Jesus’ ministry on earth I find that he chooses and uses imperfect people.  He loves, nurtures and dialogues with the imperfect, the broken, hurting and even angry.

He even went so far as to send out the disciples to heal, cast out demons and preach the gospel of the Kingdom and that was before Pentecost, the Resurrection and the Crucifixion.  It was before they betrayed him, denied him or doubted.  In other words they still had thorns, but Jesus still chose to use them.  I guess that means there’s hope for me … how about you?



    Sunday’s message was a great eye-opener about Love. I guess I’m a cry baby sometimes, but when I read the truth, it fills my heart and eyes with tears. Your message Sunday was so true concerning the “church” always pointing out other peoples “thorns” or flaws. I pray we receive this with an open heart and begin to be the “church” that God would be pleased with. Compel them to come in and love them when they get there. God help me !!

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