Posted by: critzpastor | September 6, 2008

Amazing offer!

This is awesome!  I wonder if you get to keep the stuff and get the free ride in the cop car?

This reminds me of a time when I was a kid …

(Ok, Mom.  This is probably one of those times where you are going to say that “we kids” are remembering things that never happened.  So feel free to skip this one!)

Anyway, Mom had bought some chocolate bars (Hershey’s, I think).  Well, I don’t remember what the family “rule” was for eating one of these, but I do remember Mom coming home from work and getting really ticked off.  I distinctly remember her saying,

“If you admit that you ate the candy I will give you another one!” (at least it sounded like that at the time!)


I couldn’t believe my older brother and sister weren’t jumping on this opportunity!  

Another candy bar?  Count me in!!!!!!

I’m not even sure what I admitted to doing!  What I do know was that what I got WAS NOT A CANDY BAR, I didn’t even get another one out of that pack!!!!!!  

I suspect the culprit/culprits never enjoyed having a naive (stupid) little brother so much!

Oh well, I wonder if I go to the sheriff or the store to get the free ride?


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