Posted by: critzpastor | September 9, 2008

New Best Friend!



Ada Von Haysenstein

Ada Von Haysenstein


Ada (German for Joyful) officially became a member of our family last Friday!  She is a beautiful 5 month old German Shepherd. Her mom and dad are real members of a local VA police department, too!


Kennel or Club House?

Kennel or Club House?

I know this looks cruel to some, but most experts still believe that using a kennel is still one of the best training techniques.  And to tell the truth Ada loves to go to her kennel on her own all the time!  She loves it!  And don’t worry, we let both of them out to go to the bathroom before bed time!

I have secret hopes of being able to train Ada to help find missing people one day.  Not to mention that I and my family have always had an affinity for German Shepherds, and Kristen and I have been hoping to be able to get a new family pet.  But the real reason that Ada came to hour family is …


Who's your buddy?

Who's your buddy



  1. I LOVE that picture of Jackson hugging Ada. I love that name, too! Congrats on your latest addition!

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