Posted by: critzpastor | September 15, 2008

Forest for the trees

"Dr. Livingston?"

This kind’a reminds me of those dinosaur movies like the original “Journey to the Center of the Earth” where they use house plants and models on a small scale to make it look real.  But I digest (pound cake & coffee)…

Sometimes I need someone to whip me with a wet noodle!  Last week we saw the hand and provision of the Lord both in our family and in our church, including a large donation toward debt reduction for the church. While our family was blessed both with a financial gift and with Kristen being hired at a new Christian school in the area.

Yet even after a week with such obvious blessings I still struggle at times with doubt over one or two pieces of possible, could be bad, but we’re not sure type news.  Isn’t that ridiculous?  I hate it when I act so fickle, but there I am human and abby-normal.

Thank you Lord for a loving wife that kicks me in caboose when I need it and for friends that give me perspective.  It also helps to be reminded that the past is unchangeable and the future is yet to be determined.  The present is all that we can effect and more than enough to be occupied with.

Aren’t you glad you never struggle with this type of nonsense?

I think it’s time to finish yesterday’s football and have another cup ‘o joe!


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