Posted by: critzpastor | September 22, 2008

Controlled Panic


Bail out?

Bail out?

With all the talk of economic bail out of irresponsible companies and CEO’s there seems to be a general sense of barely controlled panic.  Everyone is talking about it, from the talking heads all the way down to real people.  So here is what is on my mind.

With all those bank officers retiring rich and walking away, why should you or I have to pay?  And please explain why we are trusting the same senate and house that have enabled this fiasco (all the while they are getting richer too) to develop a plan to fix it.  Did you notice what the plan was?  The government is going to pay for it.  Oh really?  Since when did the United States Government get a job?  Who is its employer, oh that’s right, we are.  So then we must be the ones who are going to give them (the Government) the money, i.e., more taxes!

Ever hear the quote, “Nothing in life is free.  If anyone tells you any different, they are selling something!”  I for one am not going to cast a vote in 40+ days for anyone who wants me to pay for rich people getting richer! It’s dumb, it’s irresponsible and it’s bad stewardship.


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