Posted by: critzpastor | October 15, 2008

J&J office hours




Today, personal, church and social issues all converged at my second office in “uptown” Stuart!  We love this place and we especially love it when we get to come here on “official” business!  Our car was “rejected” yesterday, which with over 230,000 miles isn’t a big surprise.  So we’ve been using our waiting time at the tire store to get ready for Wed. night service/Home school and now we are waiting for our insurance agent for the church at the coffee shop!  While we wait I am watching a leadership series on DVD and “Action” is playing a game on my phone that I have never played.

Kristen had to rub in a new friends hunting success by sending me a picture of his morning buck so I would know what I am suppose to be looking for …. of course he has his own hunting show on local cable … I’m just saying ….

God is blessing and the “enemy” and life continue to happen to try to mess things up.  My plan is to forget those things that are behind and press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!  What about you?  Are you going to handle your problems or cast them at the feet of Jesus?


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