Posted by: critzpastor | October 20, 2008

Monday & we’re off!




I know I’ve not been consistent with my blogging, so I apologize to the myriad of readers who have come to depend on the vast depth and breadth of my blogging!

Now that your through laughing …

We are dealing with issues of discipline in our services recently at Critz, which has been an incentive for my family and myself to tighten up.  Now don’t get disturbed we aren’t kicking folks out, we are dealing with discipline, as in, living a more disciplined life, or in other words becoming disciples.  Which come to think of it can be scary at times after all … oh, well, it is the end of October when scary stuff “doth” abound.

Hope you like the picture!  You may have guessed we are at our second office doing home schooling and training Ada with exposure to a variety of people, sights and sounds!  I’ll get the pictures of our “Redneck” shooting adventure from this weekend up later!  Have a great day!

PJ, Jackson & Ada


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