Posted by: critzpastor | October 24, 2008

Hit the Target!


Kristen (Anne Oakley)

Kristen (Anne Oakley)

Although others may argue, I don’t have a big issue with pride.   I attribute that mainly to my loving wife.  She’s good at most everything she does.  Take shooting for instance.  She always out shoots me.  She is shooting open sights (no scopes) and hitting the target every time at 70-80 yards.  The target in the picture is that piece of light tan cardboard against the bank.  It’s about the size of a paper plate.

Kristen is a natural, but she also has good focus and patience.  Let me encourage you in your walk with the Lord.  Allow the Holy Spirit to work on you from the inside out and become the “new creation” that you are meant to be.  Then stay focused and be patient.  We are in the race of our lives for our lives.  We can’t afford to take our eyes off of Jesus.



  1. is it cold up there? Looking through your recent blogs you guys are all bundled up and its making me miss a VA autumn. Man! Thanks Jack for making me a little home sick this morning.

  2. It’s those piano/flute hands that give her the accuracy! I should give it a try!

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