Posted by: critzpastor | October 24, 2008

The Victory that wasn’t


Victory Ride ...?

Victory Ride ...?

So I finally saw a decent buck in range (sort of) this week … and … I … blew it!  Yep, I’m sorry to say that even though I hit the buck and wounded him I don’t think it was a mortal wound.  We searched for almost 8 hours between Monday and Tuesday and never could find the deer …

What I thought was a 30 yard shot probably on further inspection was 40+ .  I was just too far.  I hit the deer, but I have no idea where.  I was too anxious and made a bad decision …

Isn’t that just like life?  You think you have the victory over a circumstance and/or situation.  All the signs point to success, but in the end it’s a wash and something or someone messed with the results.  Instead of a victory lap you waste valuable time, energy and resources cleaning up the mess and managing the damage control.

If the truth was told some simple steps could have avoided the mess and ensured victory.  I could have/should have used wisdom and checked my facts.  There’s a big difference between 30 and 40+yards, duh!  I could have/should have been more patient.  I let the stress and excitement of the moment lead me to make a poor decision.  Lastly, I should have followed the advice in Romans 8 to “not think more highly of myself than I ought!”  I go cocky with my ability and took a shot that on hindsight was obviously a real long shot!

Lack of wisdom, lack of patience and too much self confidence a real receipt for disaster, not only in deer hunting but in all of life!

By the way, did you see one or two people on that four wheeler?


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