Posted by: critzpastor | October 30, 2008

Trunk or Treat 08


Fishers (Hunters) of men

Fishers (Hunters) of men

This was our ignoble attempt at decorating for the churches “Trunk or Treat”.  The theme was “Fishers  Hunters of men”. I know it looks like I was being tortured, but actually I was feeling horrible.  We had taken flu shots the day before this and I was feeling some mild effects.

We had a good turn out and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves.  I know a lot of people struggle with things like this around Halloween.  Honestly, I grew up doing the costumes, trick-or-treating, etc., and I’ve never practiced witchcraft or any ancient Druid rites.  I also understand the whole “avoid the very appearance of evil” argument too.  In my family, as well as our church, we avoid anything that would be considered evil or scary.  For instance, here is the winner of the decorated trunk contest …


Trunk or Treat winner!

Trunk or Treat winner!

I don’t have any false hopes that all the kids who came to this outreach event last night will avoid other Halloween events this week.  But I do relate to the story of the little boy who is walking on a beach covered with hundreds of starfish that have been washed up by a storm and he is throwing them back into the ocean.  When he is chided by an adult that says, “Son you can’t save all of them!”  The boy responds by tossing the starfish in his hand back into the surf and saying, “I made a difference to that ONE!”

Friday night one of our former teens, who had drifted away, went to a youth rally in our community with Jason Kerr and 33 miles.  She was back in church Sunday with smiles and tears, and back with the Lord.  We made a difference to “that ONE”, and that is all we can do.



  1. A trunk decorating competition! Brilliant!!

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