Posted by: critzpastor | November 16, 2008

Are we rednecks or just pathetic?


Our view from hunting the evening of opening day '08!

Our view from hunting the evening of opening day

So this was our view from the “deer stand” on the evening of opening day.  It had been raining for two days straight.  I had set out in the rain on Thursday and Friday during black powder and Kristen was wanting to hunt on Saturday evening.  We had an invitation to go over to some friends house because they frequently have deer in back of their house.  The idea of possible seeing deer and getting Kristen an opportunity to get her first deer was too much to pass up.  Of course it didn’t hurt that we could hunt and be out of the rain!  So … here’s where we hunted …


Carport deer stand!

Carport deer stand!

Yes, we did sit in their carport!  Jackson played his DS, Kristen read her book and I prayed fervently that a deer would show up to rescue some of my pride.  Alas, someone forgot to invite the deer … oh, well, at least we stayed dry!



  1. That’s it. There’s not hope for you. You’ve officially crossed the threshold of redneckdom.

    Love the idea though. Camping out is for the birds, but I’d do it more often if I didn’t have to leave the front porch!

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