Posted by: critzpastor | November 22, 2008

Weak review or week in review


Coffee break

Coffee break



Hospital visit, visits with two different ministers, new van tires, visit with member, looking at the furnace that was not heating in the nursery wing of the church and squeezing in a evening hunt with only 2 hours of day light left – that pretty much sums up Monday, oh yeah did I mention shooting and tracking a deer well into the night? (Thanks Jackson, Kyle and Roger with the tracking!)

Studying, reading, taking above mentioned deer to the processor, looking at furnace again with another member (actually I sat inside and turned it on and off, while David went under the church), sharing a piece of Kristen’s pumpkin pie and so ends Tuesday.

Wednesday getting up at 4 a.m. to meet with Jimmy, my new friend and Grandpa to one of our college kids, and going hunting.  Then taking my 2nd deer of the week (a massive doe, and I’m not exaggerating!) to the processor, preparing for Wednesday night service, helping my slightly disoriented wife (long story involving benedryl) home from church and to bed, getting ready for three days hunting with my wife, step dad and brother-in-law.

Thursday – Friday involved hunting in the mornings starting at 4 – 4:30 a.m., while running personal and church errands, returning phone calls, etc in the afternoons, then hunting again in the evenings.

Saturday hunting (probably for the last time for the next week or two) in the a.m. again, helping the family pack up and get on the road, then leaving for Roanoke to go pick up #1 son.

Hopefully, it would be needless to say that this was an unusual week.  Very busy and an unusual amount of opportunities to spend time with family hunting.  As I sit here at almost 8 o’clock getting ready for bed I reflect on the fact that I am truly a blessed man!  I am so thankful for all of our new family and friends we have made since we moved to Critz in August.  I am so thankful for all of our family and friends that have been faithful and supportive through the years.  I am so thankful for my loving wife of 15+ years who on top of everything else even hunts with me, my awesome son Jackson who continually shows me unconditional love, and for our Ada our GSD who keeps me humble (picking up poop for a German Shepherd will do that for ya’!)

Thank you Lord for such an awesome week and such awesome life!


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