Posted by: critzpastor | February 19, 2009




We had a vision. We still do. It had gotten pretty battered and care worn. It had been drug through the mud on quit a few occasions. It has been left out in the elements at times and I guess I have to come clean and admit neglect on my part.

The church where I serve has been in a similar situation. The vision was going full force at one point, but then a tragedy and loss of leadership slowly unraveled everything. Eight years later and the faithful core remains with hopes and dreams and a big mortgage and empty pews where friends and family once set.

Then God …

As we, my wife, myself, the church began to seek God and pray at the beginning of the year a renewal began to take place in that unseen region where reality exist. It hasn’t simply been a dusting off and cleaning up of the old. It truly has been a re-New-All! Everything that my wife and I prayed for has begun to take shape and I mean in a miraculous fashion! We have had back to back prophecies from different men of God whom we trust in separate parts of the state concerning the renewal. We have experienced open doors, which are still on going, to an adoption we have been pursing for years. Just today one of my oldest and best friends who I had lost contact with was able to get in contact with me. Re-New-All!

The church is seeing the birth of multiple ministries. The passion for the hurting and lost is being rekindled. There is a vision and plan for paying off debt so that the church can be free. The vision hasn’t been lost, but it is being Re-New-ed!

Then God …

What more can be said? My perspective has been totally changed. I think I get it! I want to get it! I see the unseen hopes and dreams that I was once to intimidated to voice becoming manifested in front of my eyes!

I am definitely in touch with Peter who in response to Jesus’ claim that he must have his feet washed to be clean, “Not just my feet Lord but all of me, from head to foot!”

Re-New-All of me!


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