Posted by: critzpastor | February 25, 2009

Give Jesus a hand!

helping hands

helping hands

Today my prayer is “Lord, please give me opportunities to tell others about you and your love today! I don’t want to be just someone who “hears” but I want to be a “doer” today!”

Just like the picture above, I want to be the hands that God uses to touch someone in need today! How about you?

Something else, if you don’t mind me being a little disjointed …

God has really begun to answer some awesome prayers for me, my family and my church in the last few weeks, but I have become painfully aware that ground is as easily lost as it is gained in some of these situations. For instance, I lost almost 20 lbs in January and early February. Then, unfortunately, I got busy, my schedule changed and I was traveling more than usual and the final nail in my coffin … I spent three or four days feeling really punny. Well they say the scale doesn’t lie … I’m up over 5 lbs!

Ground lost!

So am I going to fight through this or give up? Will I continue to be lazy with telling people about how Jesus has changed my life? Or will I let the victories and changes He began in me continue? Will I fight through the pain, laziness and fatigue?

Yes, I think I will! Come on let’s do this … let’s live in the victory that He has already given us! You are what He says you are! You can be what He says you can be! You can do what He says you can do!


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