Posted by: critzpastor | February 26, 2009

They just keep on giving!



I’m not trying to be a baby, but my sinuses are killing me! That is if I were claiming it! Which I’m not! I’m just saying that “if” I were to know someone who was having sinus pressure and drainage for the last week, I’m sure they (whoever they are) would be really, really tired of it all and ready to just hire someone to syphon off all the excess fluid and release all the excess pressure and finally get some RELIEF!

Stink, now I’ve been reduced to run-on sentences … (that is if it were me that we were talking about, which I’m not claiming, because if it were, I would really, really, want to get this over with and I would not want to “claim” a sickness or do anything that would cause it to last longer!)

Opps, I did it again, STINK, now I’m quoting a pop Tart! I think I’ll go somewhere safe! I guess it’s just not cows that explode when they go un-milked !??? (sorry that story is for another time)


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