Posted by: critzpastor | March 10, 2009

K9 training!

Barrel of fun!

Barrel of fun!

My girl was awesome last night! She started off a little slow and we were thinking that maybe she wasn’t feeling well. Her hormones have been off this last month, if you know what I mean …

But then we started playing on the barrels and she took off! We ended up relocating to the area where they train the USAR dogs (Urban Search and Rescue) and started working her in different environments. She went over rubble with cement and re-bar, stacks of storm drain, mounds of gravel fallen logs, in abandoned buildings and over cement walk ways with drops on both sides! She went in every situation without any hesitation! She was having so much fun!

It really was a fun night and what made it even better was having Jackson and Kristen both there to watch! They say that when YOUR “work” stops being FUN for the K9 that they will stop working! Believe me, Ada was having a blast and so were we! But now we have another problem, we have to decide wether we will continue to pursue Wilderness Search and Rescue or we will begin looking at Urban Search and Rescue …

Apparently, it is pretty unusual for dogs to who are 2 dimensional, meaning that they don’t see in 3 dimensions with depth perception like we do. You usually have to work them through situations with tricky footing until they build confidence, but not my girl! She was all into it! So where do we go from here? I’m not sure, but we are all praying for direction. We want to train both of us in the direction where we can be most useful and helpful. But for now, what a night! Here’s one more pic!

Camera shy!

Camera shy!

OK one more!
Nothing there!

Nothing there!



  1. What a handsome Dog! Oh yeah,you’re cute too.

  2. Thats AWESOME! now i have dog envy!

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