Posted by: critzpastor | March 19, 2009




I have a pair of shoes that I cherish above all others. I can’t wear them. They don’t fit. They were given to me on a mission trip to Lima Peru as a gift. One of the young local ministers who had been traveling around Lima with us gave them to me as a parting gift.

I had noticed them that week and commented on them. They were cool, sort of Dr. Marten Looking and I loved Doc’s! I had asked where he had purchased them because I thought that I might buy a pair before heading back to the States. The last day of our trip was our “shopping” day where we went down town to buy souvenirs and the like. It was then that this young man gave me his shoes as a gift. I was speechless (which for me is quite a feet, no pun intended). I was broken.

I know for a fact that this young man did not have anymore “church” shoes. Dressing in appropriate dress for church is a big deal in his culture. It is really important, especially for a young minister. This young man was in school to become a tour guide to help support himself. He slept in a small balcony of the church. He had nothing compared to our standards of materialism, but he had more than I could ever realize.

Generosity, selflessness, love, gratitude, maturity, character … all of those and more. I keep the shoes to remind me of a friend that I will probably never see again on this earth. I keep them to remind me of the cost of love and the gift of humanness. I keep them because I could never afford to replace them!



  1. That was a very touching story.

  2. You’ve been overseas, so I’m sure you can relate! Thanks for checking in

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