Posted by: critzpastor | April 8, 2009

Truth in Advertising! (unintentional)

Food for thought!

Food for thought!

I loved this sign, especially since I didn’t fall for the temptation! Don’t ya just love it! I bet Dairy Queen it hating it though!

“Hey, ya’ll come in and grab some ice cream and when your done you can jump on the scales out back!”

It does make me wonder how often that happens. We claim to be welcoming, but in our attitudes or action/reactions we send a totally different signal. For instance, …

American Idol’s latest “phenom” Adam Lambert has had pictures release that, if accurate, show him to be in intimate situations with other men. To be honest, as a person who watches the show I was a little surprised, but not really. The problem for me is that if I am to attempt to imitate Christ and love all people, I have to deal with the extreme discomfort I have when confronted with situations like that. I don’t hate gay or homosexual people, but I struggle with having strong negative reactions when I am confronted with the acts of homosexuality itself. Right or wrong, it grosses me out. Not the people, but seeing or even hearing about the acts themselves, even kissing/

I know the adage “Love the sinner, hate the sin!”, and I try to do just that. However, I am concerned that my strong feelings and my reaction to those feelings will at some point be noticed. I am not advocating an acceptance for sinful acts. I simply pray that I never, voluntarily or otherwise, turn another person away from Christ by my actions before they ever have a chance to respond to the Gospel!

Like the photo above, I don’t want to be inviting on one hand and on the other suggest that anyone has to jump on the scales of MY judgement by a sneer or any other condescending action.

Just thinking, …



  1. i think we all struggle with those feelings. great post!

  2. Great points. On the AI front, I’m personally pulling for Anoop, although I doubt he’ll make it.

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