Posted by: critzpastor | April 9, 2009


As a lurker (someone who reads, but doesn’t often comment) of many blogs I sometimes come across things that you will have to see for your self. I have a link to inProgress in my blog roll or you can click here to see a video from here guest blogger today Jason

I really think you ought to go there now and check it out the video Paper or Plastic! Absolutely, hilarious! I have always wondered what worship leaders do in their offices (since none of us in ministry really work anyway)!

If that didn’t get you then check out Moto, by clicking here!



  1. ha!!! i know! my husband is also a worship pastor and most the time i go to visit him at the office…theyre all (pastors) goofing around. it makes me laugh! i love it!

    and as far as jason goes…he aint right.

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