Posted by: critzpastor | April 10, 2009


"Doing Doubles"

I’ve given blood on/off since college, but this year I became a “regular” blood donor. This Tuesday I gave my first “double”. Meaning instead of simply taking one pint of blood I was hooked up to a machine that separates the red cells from the plasma, taking the red cells and returning the plasma back into my system. That is obviously when I took the fuzzy low light picture above! (Don’t judge me to harshly lenslugger)

This simple act of donating blood to the Red Cross reminded me of a life saving event in my own life. A few years back I was dying. I had a genetic disease that is 100% fatal. It was a gift from my family that would end up costing me every thing! But then an incredibly brave and selfless donor with the rarest blood type came to my rescue. The procedure had never been successfully accomplished before even though it had been attempted an infinite number of times before with animals.

Miraculously, supernaturally it worked this time! My life was saved by a gift of blood, but in the process The Donor gave his life. His name was Jesus and I owe him my life!

My blood disease was Sin inherited from the family of humanity, and it is 100% fatal. It demanded a transfusion of untainted blood. Blood that had never nor ever would know sin because it came from a different blood line. Jesus’ birth was so humble but also heavenly and because of this difference he carried the cure that could never be accomplished by any other blood. On this day some 2009 years ago he willingly gave his life and blood for me!

That same disease lives in you too, if you have not been transfused! The process is so simple and 100% effective, but it is totally elective! Please consider getting transfused today, what an awesome day for new life to begin! I’d love to talk to you about my experience.



  1. You are braver than I am to give a DOUBLE batch! EESH! There’d better be LOTS of donoughts involved.

  2. Thank you for the link to my blog, and I wouldn’t think of giving you grief for your pictures.

    Some day I just hope to get my gallon pin… They have a tough time just getting that line in and won’t try to do anything that takes a larger needle like you’re able to do.

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