Posted by: critzpastor | April 13, 2009

Dog gone!

Ada Von Hays

Ada Von Hays

(Update: the wayfaring stranger made it home around 10:00 p.m. She had set up camp with a neighbor way off the road, although not far away. She was trying to get into their house and couldn’t figure out what the problem was …)

Crap! Sorry if any of you have delicate ears, but that is the best thing I can say right now! We left earlier today to do a hospital visit and eat lunch at Pizza Hut, but when we got home our dog was gone!

We have an underground fence and the “stubborn” dog collar, and so far she has really been good with it. Unfortunately, it seems that a temptation came her way that was too good to ignore, or at least that is what we are praying…

She was 1 year old on April Fools day and she is very much missed by her “dad”, her “mom” and her boy!

CRAP! has anyone seen my dog?



  1. I’m SO glad you’re doggie came home safe!

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