Posted by: critzpastor | April 17, 2009

Sticky Subject



This add read “CRAP” and not “CPAP” this morning before the coffee and antihistamines kicked in … I promise it did, so how’s this one?

So what “get’s your goat”? I knew of a private school one time where kids were disciplined for saying one of the keywords in the add above. In my younger days I worked with/for a person who flaunted an “alternative” life style and would accost people (and by this I mean strangers) in public (say at Shoney’s, yes it was in the South) for wearing ball caps inside a building. I knew another person who couldn’t stand a certain football team because their coach was disrespectful and wore sweatshirts on the slide lines instead of ???

I have known people who couldn’t stand certain slang words, for instance, or who wanted to institute dress codes on certain segments of society. What gets you? What drives you pass the limit, over the edge crazy? Ok, I’ll go first …

In respect for the current political climate I’ll be “transparent”. What really drives me over the edge and pass the limit, besides an inordinate fear of exploding cows …?

People who feel superior enough to point a finger at others. Don’t get me wrong, you have the same rights that I do to be bugged, irritated or annoyed. Heck you may even be right, at least I’m extremely confident that YOU think so! But you don’t have the right to impose your view on me or others unless I/we ask!

If you happen to be a Christian reader please notice in that dusty book sitting on your coffee table (sorry, I just judged, oops) that Jesus always built relationships with and minister too people before he encouraged them to go and “sin no more”. The only folks he really judged first and openly were “spiritual” people like you and me who spent their time judging others without ever reaching out a hand or offering hope. Those people (the ones like us) he called snakes vipers and son’s of satan.

So love more, judge less! Spend time talking to the One who can actually help, before/instead of dealing with the situation yourself!

“CRAP”, I hope I haven’t gone to far and “screwed” up my witness here! I think I’ll take my ball cap off, pull my pants up over my “big boy panties” and Pray before I Say anything!



  1. I agree completely with all of this. I even have a theory that “O crap!” can be a salvation prayer.
    I’m all about getting outside the Christian Bubble we have lived in for so long and to do that, you gotta be loving, accepting, and …well… nice to people.
    Oh, and the ad says C-Pap. :o)

  2. That’s hilarious! You can tell where my mind was, Oh well, Oh Crap or CPAP!

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