Posted by: critzpastor | April 18, 2009

The Truth I didn’t Know!



As you may or may not know (beware! shameless pitch for TV Show will ensue!), our church has a TV show on Martinsville cable that shows three times a week on BTW21. If you don’t live in Martinsville you can go here to see the live video stream and a schedule for their programing. Or, and this brings us to the point of this entry, you can go to our website by clicking here and see some of our sermons.

So, with all of these resources at my disposal, I had never watched the TV show. Some of you may find that difficult to believe, but it’s true! Then it happened! I had a stroke of genius! It occurred to me that our choir did not have an opportunity to see the Cantata so I decided to show it to them this past Wednesday. So beaming with pride the show began opening of course with my solo (please don’t ask! I don’t know what I was thinking when Kristen talked me into this!), needless to say singing isn’t my forte! That however wasn’t the worse part, it was the huge behemoth figure that I saw holding the microphone!

Now my faithful friends, after witnessing the texting going on between Kristen and myself about this topic, immediately chimed in explaining that the camera adds 10-15 lb. One of these friends works at the TV station and has a show of her own and the other is my media director. This SHOULD HAVE comforted me, if it weren’t for that figure on the screen holding the microphone during my solo! That figure wasn’t a mere 10 lb. over weight, nooooo, that figure had a beer gut!!! If you don’t believe look at the picture above!

Hence, the reason for this picture!(beware of shameless plug!) go see it for yourself on my facebook page, click here! It was a short ride and yes I went faster than the “0” implies (my cyclometer batteries were dead on the wireless transmiter), but it was the beginning! So here is my prayer:

“Lord, forgive my laziness and my overeating that have lead to my current condition! Lord, forgive all of my shameless plugs for tweeter (jackhays), the churches website, my facebook, and the churches TV shows! The problem is Lord, as I am sure you already understand, that my wife has more friends on facebook then I do and she is too proud to let that go without rubbing it in every time one of “our” friends from the past sign up to follow her, but not me! So as I struggle with her lack of humility help me to also fight My lack of discipline. Keep me safe, motivated and capable of riding my bike, so that I can only be worried about the 10-15 lb. and not the other 30-40 …”


  1. You are shameless aren’t you?

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