Posted by: critzpastor | April 22, 2009

Please Pray for Kathy Isaacs!

Kathy is the wife of Bishop Bill Isaacs and they serve the Church of God in Northern Ohio. The short version is that Kathy was diagnosis with cancer on Friday April 17th. She had surgery on Monday the 20th. The report today from the doctors isn’t very encouraging.

The Good news is that she is a child of God and her health is in His hands. God is in control!

Check here or here for more information and please pray.

Also pray for Mae Paugh who is fighting gangrene and Steve Bower who is having issues with his heart! Thanks, all!



  1. I am a student nurse at an area nursing school and I just finished a rotation of clinicals where Kathy was my patient. I was struck by the support around her and how fortunate she is to have such wonderful friends and family. But the thing that I will never forget was the Awesome presence of God that fills her room. I am sure it is a comfort to her friends and family and a witness to all that enters her room. I will be watching and praying for her daily. We serve an Awesome God…A Great Phsician…My God Can Do Anything!!

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