Posted by: critzpastor | April 29, 2009

ReCap & What lies ahead!

I wanna go deeper!

I wanna go deeper!

I told Kristen yesterday, “Hearing from God is not where most people struggle. The Bible says that His sheep know his voice. It is the way that we interpret what we hear.”

I’m struggling to interpret what I’m hearing mainly because there is a lot of noise.

Our country is in a recession possibly heading toward a depression. The powers to be are, I believe, attempting to reshape the entire fabric of our country and even our constitution. All the while people are suffering. Those that work are struggling to hold on to jobs. Many have already lost their jobs and in turn their benefits and their security. All the while those that are employed are told they will have to bare even a heavier tax burden for “bail outs” that are ineffective and “social” programs that benefit many who will not or can not bare their own weight.

All of this is effecting the Church and our church, maybe even your church. That is a heavy burden to carry. You don’t want to be alarmist or show a lack of faith or trust in the Lord. However, as a good steward and leader you have to prepare for not only what is happening, but what could very well be coming. All of this is stressful, confusing at times and difficult to balance.

In the midst of that I feel like the Lord has shown me a vision of revival coming to our church through a spirit of intercession that is in its infancy and/or is lead by our children and youth. Last Sunday I preached what could very well be the “toughest” message of responsibility and accountability in my ministry. I was even concerned afterward that I had “beat up” on the “flock” something I have vowed never to do. Only to hear a report yesterday from someone in the community that it was timely and necessary. To top it all off, a trusted friend called Kristen with “a word from the Lord”. Those of you that know me, also know that I don’t receive “words from the Lord” usually.

Let me clarify. I am confident enough in God and my relationship with him to know that He can and will speak to me directly. I believe and have taught for years that any “word from the Lord” should meet certain criteria.
1) “A word from the Lord” should only be received from someone that you know whose life is consistent and accountable to the Word of God and to others in leadership or ministry.
2) “A word from the Lord” should usually only come as a confirmation of what the Lord has already been speaking to you personally.
3) “A word from the Lord” will stand the test of time and is open for interpretation. God doesn’t make mistakes, but everyone else does. Arrogance and pride are tools that the enemy will use to derail you even if the word of the Lord was and is real. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

(To those who are totally alarmed my anyone attempting to put criteria on the Holy Spirit, please take a moment to actually read the Bible! Paul put criteria on the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and insisted that every thing be done “decently and in order”. 1 Corinthians 14 makes it clear that their is a right time and way for spiritual manifestations. And the real kicker is that your gift ought to be evaluated by the others present!)

With all that being said, we received a spiritual message from a friend and fellow minister yesterday afternoon that spoke deeply to us about what is coming to our church. It is enough to say that the Lord is in Control, but the enemy is fighting. We will choose to “wait upon the Lord”! His timing will be perfect and He is fully capable to do what he said he would do. We will be continue to pray, prepare and persist in all he has called us to.

I will not fall into the trap of trying to define, interpret or “create” the future. What I know is that if it is God is will result in a place of salvation, healing and hope for unbelievers and believers in Jesus. If it is God it will not result in a spa of self indulgence and spiritual blessings for “fat babies” in Christ. If it is God it will result in renewed compassion and action in the body of Christ for those who are hungry, poor and lonely!

So how about you? Are you living in fear? Have you given up? Or is it possible that the fight you are in is exactly what is needed to prepare you and position you for the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life?



  1. There you are boss I read it,,,,dont really understand it ,,but I read it,, I was put here to have your back and you can rest assured I will allways be behind you,,

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