Posted by: critzpastor | April 30, 2009

My twitter philosophy!



I don’t have long so you will have to listen fast! I have started hearing “stirrings” from people I follow, people who follow me and “others”, about the appropriate protocols for twitter. So here’s my view/understanding:

When I first signed up I understood that the general idea for twitter was basically built on the premise of sending short (140 characters or less) texts that answer the question, “what are you doing?” Most of the folks I follow do just that. Some folks have taken a different slant. I have one friend (and you know who you are) that sends out funny antidotes each day and usually nothing personal. That’s OK. It is actually refreshing. Others use twitter as a link to update facebook at the same time. I do this as well. Some send pictures or links to their blogs. Some even carry on personal conversations that seem to go on and on. To each his/her own!

Here is my personal philosophy on twitter!

Twitter, like the rest of America (at least as of this writing) is free. Not only do you not pay for it, you are not forced to follow or be followed. The whole thing is purely within your control. So I tweet when I feel like it, about what I feel like. Some may choose to follow my tweets or not. Others may have them sent to their phone or not. You may read them at or not. On the other hand, I will follow whoever I want and I will respond when I want. I rarely block anyone, except those who seem to be marketing stuff or total strangers who seem to have no connection. But by all means, block whom ever you wish, including yours truly. That is one of the things I like better about twitter than facebook, the control.

I choose to not be offended and I choose to take control. There are some folks that I like, but will not follow. Some I will follow via my phone and others just on my Mac. If you think that I tweet too much then you probably haven’t spoken to me in person or you would have expected that from me to begin with. Please feel free to do as you wish and know that I will support you. If you choose not to follow me I won’t be bothered. If you choose to follow me then you decide not to, then that is fine as well. No hard feelings.

It is suppose to be fun or at least interesting and engaging. For me it has been so far and I hope it continues. When it becomes a bore or a pain I will follow the lead of one of my friends earlier this week who simply stopped! Until then …



  1. Get ’em! Stand up for Twitter and all who tweet. If people feel that Twitter is only for texting to each other then they need to us SMS on their phone. That is a no brainer.

    Tweet away!

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