Posted by: critzpastor | May 19, 2009

We’re BAAAAck!

(pardon grammatical errors, I don’t have time to proof today!)

We had an awesome time Sunday and Monday on our little get-a-way! We figured it up and to our shame it had been over a year since Kristen and I had had anytime just to ourselves. We needed it! The BIG RULE … don’t talk about kids, church or work! For the most part we succeeded except where discussing one or the other helped debrief and refocus on the Lord.

Kristen asked me on the way home what I enjoyed most, although my answer was cheeky then, when I look back I realized that I was able to laugh! Don’t get me wrong, I have a good sense of humor. With some of the friends we have I wouldn’t survive without it. But what was most special was that we found ourselves laughing sometimes at the silliest stuff. It was nice and I really needed that!

Today, the schedule is still here. As I reflect back and write my phone has been buzzing and beeping with messages and reminders. I still have to prepare notes for a meeting later in the week that is really intimidating! I have to hit the road this afternoon to go get a load of food from the Food Bank and pick up my son. We still have to finish prepping and painting the babies room!

Did I mention that the “little rascal” has been trying to make an early exit? There may not be any Hays’ blood, but the kid already can’t stand to be late and likes to be in control! If that ain’t a sign!

So Sunday and Monday were not about escaping … but reconnecting, reaffirming, reestablishing the best/most important and critical friendship/relationship that I have except for the Lord. It was about reminding each other who we love, depend on and cherish! With the Lord and my wife by my side, none of the “opportunities” above seem daunting! Anything and everything is possible!

If you will allow me to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong (or maybe it does) for just a minute. To my friends and family. Many of you are focused on your jobs, ministry, church or children. You believe that these things are important maybe even MOST important because they allow you to be. They allow you to have the family you do, the home you do, the life you do, but I have news for you. If you focus on the job and work and work and work, but loose your family what do you have? If you focus on the kids and give to them, support them and spend all your energy on them, but loose your spouse what do you really have? If you focus all your time and energies on your ministry or church work (after all it’s for God isn’t it?), and loose your spouse and children what have you gained?

The bible says that we are to be one flesh with our wife/husband. It also says what do you have if you gain the whole world but loose your soul? If you loose your spouse, if you don’t invest in that relationship that came first, if you don’t love, cherish and support the first relationship that HE entrusted you with …

there will be no family,
there will be no job,
there will be no ministry,
there will be no church,
there will be no life,
there won’t even be a complete you!

Quit being selfish! Invest in your husband/wife, rekindle that love! Learn to be a giver and not just a taker in your marriage! Quit thanking that doing for the kids is the same as doing for your spouse! Put first things, first! Remember your wedding vows and then live up to them on your part! If you live up to your part I can promise the Lord will honor it!

In the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I got to say about that!”


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