Posted by: critzpastor | June 2, 2009

Sleep depravation



Who could complain?

Who could complain?

I’m not gripping, but it is a state of reality for me. Even after having what some might consider a “normal” nights sleep, I’m still exhausted. I just paid $4 for a piece of pound cake! Freshman error! I saw it, it looked good and I gave in. It’s not a sin, but it is 1/3 of a bag of good coffee beans, and when your pinching your pennies…
I mean she is a beautiful girl and I have a wonderful family. It is definitely worth it!
Hopefully, in the next few days I will adjust to a more “normal” routine and have wonderful insights to espouse upon, but until then…



  1. HaHa…remember those days…don’t miss the weariness but I sure do miss those babies…it goes fast, enjoy the journey with her…you only get one. I’d say she’s worth a little sleep loss

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