Posted by: critzpastor | June 10, 2009

Realizing Success!

I wanted to take time to Praise the Lord! I have to be careful to not brag or be prideful, but I still want to give honor where honor is due.

You see, by some definitions I pastor a growing Mega Church. No, not be all definitions, but by some. I know that by popular definition the title of Mega Church is usually reserved for congregations over 2,000 in attendance. We sadly have not reached that point yet at Critz Church of God. However, I remember one statistic (I couldn’t find it written down anywhere so you’ll have to take my word for it! ;-), that statistic from back in the hay day of Church Growth was that a healthy thriving church has at least 20% of it’s population in attendance.

I did find some “rules” on growth that seemed support that, but who really cares? Let’s look at the numbers:

The best statistics that I could find stated that the population of Critz, VA is approximately 275. I’m sure that’s people, because cattle and deer especially would be much higher, plus they don’t generally attend church! So that means that 20% of the population of Critz would be approximately 54 people. Currently, we are averaging … drum roll please … right around 50-55 people! We had 98 on Easter and we have been in the high 70%’s several times since then!

If I were a competitive personality I would try to do the math and research to see how we compare to other COG’s in the state, but it really doesn’t matter does it? I really wouldn’t want to embarrass pastor’s who are trying with all their might to build a church, but are stuck at a lesser percentage. I mean it’s not their fault that there are so many people in the Tidewater or Richmond or Winchester is it? They shouldn’t be made to feel inferior because they are statistically at the right percentage mark, should they?

We are just fortunate enough to be in an area where there are fewer people so therefore there is less pressure to have the right numbers to qualify as successful. I truly feel sorry for pastors who have all those thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people who live in their communities/towns/cities. They do their best, but they struggle to get maybe a paltry 1% of their perspective population!

I want to be clear in view of our obvious statistical success (and in light of my blog concerning success from two days ago) that I feel that some of those pastors as mentioned above, that may have only reached a paltry percentage of their potential population, should not be discriminated against for only having 700 – 1,500 in attendance. I am sure that these men and women are doing their best to get their percentages up! We should all pray, encourage and not judge those churches and ministers who are statistically challenged!



  1. Too funny! You certainly have the gift of sarcasm. 🙂

  2. True success in church growth? God did not call us to grow big churches. God called us to grow big people and big people will grow more big people.

    I was at a Bible College graduation last year where a “successful” Canadian pastor spoke. He had 80 some in his congregation. In his town he was the only pastor. The town population was actually smaller than his attendance. When there is a problem in town the police came and get him. He was unofficially their chaplain. That is impact.

    You want to take note of a pastor? Find the pastor who has raised many other pastors and church leaders. Find that pastor who can be gone for two weeks and never have to bring someone from outside to speak or take care of business. A true pastor will be equipping his saints for ministry, seeing everyone in his congregation as a minister or a minister in training.

    If I were picking out speakers among pastors I would select those who I would not mind being my pastor if I were not one myself. But, there will be successful pastors who will not speak because there are so many to choose from.

    I see success as loving your people and they know it and they grow it.

  3. Now you need to write a book called “The Purpose Driven Church” HAHA.

    or something more original “The Critz-centered life”

  4. hey jack, on your blogroll, did you mean to call my blog “real lie word”. instead of “real life word”. thanks dude. I hope is was a mistake or I’m I missing something?

    • Well? Just kidding nope it was a typo from a old man in sleep deprivation! The good thing about Saturday night (apart from my weekly bath) is getting to sleep through the night! Kristen thinks I need this for preaching on Sunday, I’m just glad to get some sleep!

      So no, nothin’ personal! But thanks for noticing!

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