Posted by: critzpastor | June 15, 2009


Why are Sunday nights out of vogue in most areas? It seems there are two streams of thought and both may be valid to a certain degree.

1) is the idea that we need to respect peoples investment of time in the church. That many families are pressured already for time and that demanding attendance on Sunday evening (or Wednesdays for that matter) is legalism.

2) the idea that we as a society have lost of zeal or desire for the Lord. We have become complacent and selfish. That our time has become an idol and that refusal to attend services other than Sunday morning is rebellion.

I’m sure there is a grain of truth on both sides. Personally, I do think that the Sunday evening service has value, if the congregates (people who attend) are blessed, encouraged, uplifted or otherwise find it a positive experience. I also understand that many people who were “forced” to be a church “whenever the doors were open” can recent what they see as an unscriptural restriction on their freedom.

Truth: Sunday night services or midweek services for that matter are not ordained by divine mandate. Scripturally, the examples of the early church showed anywhere from daily meetings for prayer and encouragement to weekly meetings “on the Lord’s day”.

In the end, I believe it is a heart matter. What blesses you or your church? What seems to be effective in your community? Where do you place the most value in your personal life?

I’m sure there is a lot more I should say. Maybe I should be more spiritual or less legalistic. Maybe I’ve left too much up for personal choice and not enough clear mandate. Sorry, but I’m at the coffee store being interrupted by ladies of “older persuasion” who are ogling over my baby. All the while, I am trying to type something that I’ve been pondering without really, trying to flesh it out deeply!

So agree or disagree put in your two cents …



  1. i can see both sides of the argument. i think that we need to move our faith beyond just “church time” and one of the challenges i find there is that im often too busy doing “church stuff” (granted it is my vocation) to do the things Jesus did outside the walls of religiodom. i think we should can sunday night services, although i am super fond of mid-week services.

  2. Good question Jack,

    There was a time not to long ago 20 to 30 years for my reference. Oh’ that was a log time ago. Oh’ well!
    Anyway, Sunday night services were the bomb! That’s when the people got loose in Jesus so to speak. I actually enjoyed Sunday nights better than Sunday morning worship.

    WE are people of tradition. If my info is correct the Sunday morning, Sunday night thing began in the old days when people walked to church and rode horse and buggy long distances to church. Some of the circuit churches only met monthly, so the people would bring lunch in order to have a break at midday for lunch and fellowship and then reconvene for evening services. This tradition was carried on until present day. (Except for the lunch and fellowship.) We just do restaurants.

    Now, we drive long distances in a short period of time and we meet weekly and sometimes 2 or three times a week. Life styles have changed. We don’t work the farm anymore, we buy it from the store. We pack a lot of activity in one day. 24/7

    I believe quality time with family can do as good as Sunday night service. We meet By-weekly on Sunday nights.

    Time to break tradition. Do what works for your people in your area. Just Honor God when we come together!

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