Posted by: critzpastor | June 19, 2009

I miss the point!

So my buddy Tony over at muddiedwaters has a list he puts out on Thursday’s called Thursday’s 5. This weeks was a list of what he misses in life. So I commented and when I got to my number 5 I realized I would rather ponder it here where I could expound without fear of well, anything. So here it is:

I miss the point!

It seems that in all the noise and hysteria of life, I wonder if I/we haven’t all missed it? I’ve heard debates about “the point” before in churches.

“We are here to worship!”

“No, we are here to win souls!”

Personally, I think the answer is yes and no! We do worship and we are to win souls, but is that really “the point”? Did God purchase and pardon us just so we can all stand around here on earth or around His throne in heaven singing Cum Ba Ya? Won’t that get old after a while? I mean after we all sing, throw down our crowns and dance a while … what then?

I’m not trying to be sacrilegious, but I know folks that act as if that is all there is or is ever going to be and I don’t get it. Does God really need or want people continuously saying how awesome He is? Doesn’t He know that?

Or …

Is it all about witnessing and winning souls? That’s good! It’s awesome! It’s important! But then what? Is this life just about this life? Or is it a part of the process of preparing us for eternity? “Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost!” I’ve quoted it myself and I believe it, but is that IT? Is that “the point”? Was there nothing beyond his desire to see His lost sheep rescued?

I love worship and firmly believe in the necessity of evangelism! However, I think that we may have put the focus in the wrong place. I think “the point” is relationship.

Wow! I know probably not a great revelation, but isn’t that what worship and evangelism are both about? Worship is our relationship with HIM. While evangelism is helping others find their relationship with HIM.

So worship and evangelism both flow out of relationship. So heaven won’t be one big worship service as much as it will be the beginning of life with the one we were meant for. Not the end of life, but the beginning of Real LIfe and Real relationship.

Or maybe I’m off base …

I just don’t want to miss “the point”!



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