Posted by: critzpastor | July 6, 2009

Help! I’ve fallen!



So I heard the very sad news of yet another minister who had a “moral failure”. He had fallen!

I don’t know him; don’t think I ever met him, but my heart breaks! I don’t excuse the sin. That is between the man, the Lord and those whom he served. I pray that there is repentance and restoration. I will leave that to those who are over him in the Lord.

My question is what did you expect?

Most of our men and women in full time ministry have no legitimate means of confessing struggles and temptations in their lives. Who can they turn to and trust to counsel and pray, but not judge, condemn or turn them in? Who?

I am blessed that my wife and I have that type of relationship. I also share that type of relationship with a few guys as well. It is important to note that those guys are not in my denomination and some aren’t even in the ministry. You see it’s safer that way.

We have created a standard for those in ministry that is near impossible to reach or maintain. No one is above temptation, but in ministry there is a presumption of perfection. Of spiritual maturity that keeps us above the fray of mortal men. Personally I hold both the ministry and the laity responsible. The laity wants to believe that there pastor is infallible because then they don’t need faith. They can simply take everything the “perfect preacher” says and not have to think for themselves. And of course, there are those ministers who enjoy this power and control. It allows them to do what they want when they want without having to answer to anyone, because after all they’ve “heard from God”!

One problem, among many, with this hierarchy, is that if you are perfect you don’t need help. If you admit you aren’t perfect than you obviously shouldn’t be a pastor! The classic catch 22!

You may be thinking that this is ridiculous; obviously your pastor isn’t “perfect”! You would never think such a thing! Yet, if he or his family shows the least sign of weakness they are ridiculed, roasted or run out of the church on a rail.

Some pastors may also resent some of the accusations I’ve made here and I can understand that too. Let me ask this. If you’re not perfect and you don’t presume to be, where do you go when you are tempted? You are not perfect, so you are tempted … to whom do you turn for help, counsel, rebuke, exhortation and advice? If you are not living the charade than you already know who these folk are in your life because you’ve already used them.

If you don’t have such people then don’t rest until you have found someone you can trust with anything! Find someone who will hold you accountable without hanging you out to dry. Do it now before it is too late because very soon you will be tempted and if you have no one to turn to YOU WILL FALL!

While we are at it let us please remember the adage, “if not for the grace of God, there go I”. Let our hearts fill with compassion and let us act with love toward those who have lost a battle. Let us reach them before we lose them. Otherwise, we will be the next to say, “Help, I’ve fallen!”


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