Posted by: critzpastor | August 12, 2009

Pink Fuzz!

Yes, he does!

Yes, he does!

Obviously, our lives have changed drastically over the last year. I can easily see ’08-’09 as being one of the most significant watershed years of our lives. When you consider the move to Critz coupled with the adoption of our baby girl it really is a no brainer. Then there are a few more subtle life changes that have the potential to change the course of our family significantly for quite a few years to come as well.

It amazes me how those changes manifest themselves at times, no, not just in moving vans or the dirty diapers. Those are the obvious “signs”. Do you want to know what got me the other day? Glad ya asked!

Pink Fuzz!

That’s right Pink Fuzz! There I was changing the laundry the other day and the lent trap was full of Pink Fuzz! It has never happened in this family before! You may think that I am over reacting, and maybe I am. But really Pink?

Anyway, you get the point, subtle reminders of life’s changes. I like to think of them as prayer reminders on the highway of life. It is true that we covered all of these major decisions over this last year in prayer and fasting; it is also true that the time for prayer and fasting hasn’t ended. Pink Fuzz reminds me to continue to pray for Jaime’s birth parents. Pink Fuzz reminds me to pray for Jaime’s big brother who, although doing a great job as a big brother, is also going through transition too! Pink Fuzz reminds me to pray for my little girl’s future ministry and spouse.

So if you’ve recently gone through some of those “major” life changes or if you are facing them now by all means pray! Remember though, as time goes by and you settle in to that new life or reality that the necessity for prayer increases not decreases. Let Pink Fuzz help you keep your focus and keep you life centered. But by all means, don’t let it clog your lent trap!



  1. well, i washed a dog blanket and had a dog-wool blanket in the dryer lint catcher…

    Not nearly as life changing as your pink fuzz!

  2. It’s official. Your baby girl wins first prize for the most squeezable cheeks ever created. What a doll-face!

  3. What a cutie pie! She resembles Sami a bit when she was a baby. LOVE THE CHEEKS!

    As far as “pink fuzz”…..I surely relate to that!! I have had nothing but changes in my life for the past 16 months….. and….. there are more on the way. Example: Big Mike and Mikie are moving to Philly this coming Tuesday. Now, that’s a whole TRUCK LOAD of pink fuzz!! hehehe

    God Bless,
    Mama Miksa

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