Posted by: critzpastor | October 18, 2009


I assume most of you (who use to read this blog) already know about the “mold issue”. But since I am writing now to ghost, maybe I had better explain.

During the first week of August our home (the churches parsonage) suffered water damage in a big storm with strong winds. It wasn’t until a few days later that I leaned against the wall in my bedroom and my hand almost went through the wall! Well by the end of August we had a check in hand from the Insurance company and started to tear out the water damaged wall on a Thursday. That began a 5-week exile and subsequent remodeling job that is still continuing. The culprit? Black mold!

We went from a water damage issue that would involve replacing 1 wall; floor plate and some sub floor, as well as cleaning carpet and painting. Currently, we have replaced 6 walls, refrigerator closet, HVAC closet, water heater closet, two sections of ceiling in two different rooms, two large areas of sub floor and a new HVAC system. When the “mold guys” were finished cleaning you could literally see from my front door to the back (at one point you could actually stand outside the house and do this). Usually you would have a master bedroom, closet and laundry room in the way!

We spent two weeks at the Hampton Inn 30 minutes away and then 3 weeks at a guesthouse owned by the Stuart Pentecostal Holiness church! Of course we had the kids, Jackson 9 and Jaime 4 months, with us. Our German shepherd spent the entire time in the kennels at her Vet.

We have been back in the house two weeks, I think! We have replaced the walls with drywall and mud. We have started painting and tomorrow we get the new carpet in the bedroom. At that point we have to finish putting up molding and baseboards. Then we have to paint the living room (part of the ceiling and one wall are new), we have to paint the kitchen (the refrigerator closet is new) and the laundry room, which is 75% new. During this time all of our possession and furniture from the bedroom have been stuffed in the rest of the house. We still have storage boxes on our deck and most of our clothes are over at the church. Did I mention that most of our clothing, linens and pillows were carted off to South Carolina to be “de-molded”?

All of this has been taking place in the middle of adopting and very tough economic times at the church, which has motivated me to get my insurance license and join the family business. Needless to say it has been busy.

I have missed the hundreds of thousands that read and the one or two that sometimes respond. Hopefully, I can be more consistent here, as well as, reading your blogs as well! It’s good to be back!

Black mold

Black mold

Bedroom to Laundry room

Bedroom to Laundry room

Taped up!

Taped up!



  1. It’s been a long and tiring ordeal but at least we are on the other side now! Thank God!!

  2. I’ve never been this close to “breaking” this many times! As a matter of fact, the last time I felt this stretched thin I ended up in Puerto Rico for four months! Thanks for helping me keep my sanity! Love you!

  3. I was wondering what all those mold-related comments were about on Twitter! I’m so sorry y’all have had to endure this. What a bear! Was it related to the defective Chinese-imported drywall over the past few years? There’ve been a lot of houses here going through the same thing because of that Chinese drywall.

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