Posted by: critzpastor | November 2, 2009

The future of health care?

Below is an edited copy of an email I received from a friend of mine. This is my friends personal experience. You can’t verify it on because it is not an urban legend. This is a real life story that happened in the last few weeks. I edited only the portions that had personal (identifiable) information.

I believe this story not only because I have known this person for 13 years, but also because of another account from a friend who is Mexican. My friend is in this country legally, but she has relatives who live comfortably in Mexico. They can afford health care, but they cross the boarder in Texas and go to U.S. clinics and hospitals because it is free.

Remember to vote tomorrow!


Hi Guys:
I’ve been trying to stay on top of this “healthcare reform” stuff for the past 6+ months. It’s almost exhausting because you don’t know WHO? to believe. Let me share what happened to me yesterday which “enlightened me” on this topic.

As most of you know, I work as an RN at a children’s hospital here in ——–. Yesterday, I was assigned a 17 year old male ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT with a past medical history of Kidney Failure. Apparently, he and his family of 6 (mom, dad, + 4 older children) came into this country a little over a year ago illegally to work on a marijuana farm. This young man developed kidney failure and had a right kidney transplant about a year ago (took in too much of the “good stuff”).

He is now back in the hospital diagnosed with Kidney Rejection due to non-compliance with his medications after he slumped into a state of depression recently. To try and save his kidney, I was ordered to administer an anti-rejection medication through his IV that required a CRASH CART and stand-by anaphylactic medication to be at his bedside during the transfusion in case his starts to code! This medication was administered slowly for over 6 hours and the patient was required to have his vital signs done every 15 minutes. Talk about a stressful shift!

Now here’s the clincher…..After talking with Social Work and the Renal Doctor prior to giving this med, I came to find out that all his care is covered IN FULL by Medicaid. In other words, “We, the People” covered his transplant (Lord knows how much that cost), all his medications, his present hospitalization and possible future Dialysis if these medication interventions fail to work.

I could not believe my ears when I overheard the Social Worker and Renal doctor discussing this. Actually, the Social Worker was unaware of this and kept arguing with the doctor that it is “NOT POSSIBLE FOR AN ILLEGAL TO RECEIVE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, ESPECIALLY MEDICAID”. The doctor kept insisting that he WAS covered. How does the doctor know this for a fact? Well, she’s the one that performed the transplant and has been following up on ALL his care since his kidney’s failed. She’s the one that bills Medicaid and gets reimbursements. The Social Worker checked this info out with Admissions and confirmed that he WAS covered.

Obama clearly has come out and said that illegal immigrants do not get covered and will not be covered by this new Healthcare plan that the democrats are trying to pass. Well, guess what? Now that I have seen & heard first-hand, I no longer believe OBAMA (“The Messiah).

Below is a very short video clipping of a Congressman. Please take a minute to listen to his speech.
Remember, you ARE going to be affected by this healthcare plan one way or another if it passes. Ask yourself why people from Europe, Canada and other countries are coming to the USA and spending millions of dollars a year for healthcare if their governments are supplying it for FREE?


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