Posted by: critzpastor | February 18, 2010

Walk, run, bike

Note to Self:

Dear Sir,

As someone who is committed to your long, successful, prosperous and healthy life I would like to humbly make a few observations.

1) First, there is always an excuse! There will always be bad weather, aches and pains, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthday parties, as well as to much to do. So, if you plan on starting a healthy life style by exercising and eating right you might as well “suck it up” and get started!
2) If age is a factor, it ain’t gonna get any easier to get in shape! The glory days may be behind you, but so is all the junk in your trunk! In the truest since of the word this is a “mid-life crisis”. The quality of waning years, as well as the lives of your children are still ahead of you, but whether you will be able to see it and participate in it depends on what you do now!
3) As in all of life, Faith is the key! In the ups and downs, with success and failures don’t loose faith. Believe in yourself! You can do it and yes you will fail, but string your success together and keep moving forward!
4) GOALS … set them, work towards them and achieve them! So here they are:
a. Participate in first 5K run on May 8, 2010 in Roanoke!
b. Participate in Tar wheel century ride in Elizabethton NC April 24, 2010
c. Participate in at least one more 5k before the fall and one 10k in the all
d. Participate in at least one more century in summer and one mountain century by fall
5) Be accountable! Which is why I am posting this letter to you on your neglected blog. It really doesn’t matter that no one has read this blog in a very long time. What matters is that you are journaling and open about your progress or lack there of …

Good luck, live long and prosper, coram deo, yada yada yada!


  1. You can do it Baby!!

  2. Ah, gee, shucks, thanks baby!

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