Posted by: critzpastor | March 3, 2010

Raisin the roof!

The scoop on 2 scoops!

Day 14
W2D2 C25k

Who would have ever believed that “they” would know what they were talking about? I mean for all my life “I did it my way” (insert melody)! Every morning I would get up pour myself a bowl of cereal and milk (sometimes two), and go on with my day. But as my avid readers, and by that I mean my wife, may recall I started keeping a food log this week. Yesterday, I just took the caloric hit and poured my usual bowl of Raisin Bran x2. However, today I decided to be adventurous and actually measure (yes I really did) a cup or cereal!

My first realization is that a literal cup of cereal wasn’t a miniscule as I assumed it would be. I poured the cow juice and proceeded to the test bowl only to realize to my amazement that after all was said and done I was satisfied. To top it off, that satisfied feeling lasted until lunch time too. Awesome!

The food log has been educational all the way around. It’s amazing the things that I have passed over sticking in my “pie hole” simply because I knew I was going to right it down! I’ve managed to keep my calories under two thousand for the last two days and today is looking like it will be way underneath.

Lastly, todays run went well. I started off tight even though I thought I had stretched enough. I tried “Chi running” today and I’m not sure I could tell much of a difference. Although I’m probably not the best judge since I’m so new to running.

That’s all for today, I’m going to eat some homemade pizza and veggies, which means I’m going to have to figure out the calories of individual ingredients, but the pain is worth the gain!


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