Posted by: critzpastor | March 10, 2010

A look in the Nutrimirror

Day 21

Week 3 Day 2 of C25K

Oh, what a week its been! We were on the road Thurs. – Sat., which typically means bad sleep, bad food and bad exercise habits. Hold your horses! Not this time! Woo Hoo!

We actually left town on Thursday so that we would have time to get up and run Friday morning before our Post Placement adoption visit in Lynchburg. The run went well. It was 29 degrees, but we ran at a city park so the trail was flat!

(May I just stop here and say what an absolute treat it is to run on the flat? We live in the hills. We literally can’t run down our road, or at the local school track for that matter, without inclines. So we have just embraced them, but oh, to run on flat even ground! It was like a very cold heaven!)

As for the eating, I was able to use my Blackberry and the internet to track my calories. I also tried to be creative and I ordered interesting but healthy choices at the restaurants. I couldn’t do anything about the lack of sleep, but at least I made the best out of the other issues.

Kristen has now jumped on the food journaling boat and in her first day has given us one of the best tools ever! Check out Nutrimirror . Nutrimirror is an awesome FREE tool that helps you track your food, exercise, weight and goals. We don’t get any kickbacks from this, but if you feel guilty, feel free to send me a little something, something!



  1. I love NM – thanks for tweeting about it! 🙂 (I’m now following you!)

    • Thanks for the follow! My wife and I are loving NM as well! It’s been extremely helpful without feeling like we are being a pain!

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