Posted by: critzpastor | March 12, 2010


Why do I believe what I believe?

Mom & Dad believe it?

Pastor/Church teach it?

School Teachers taught it?

Professors propagated it?


It is in the Word of God and Jesus said it and lived it, and I have read his words and studied his life for myself and know it to be true because it continues to change my life?


what I have studied for myself in the Word (Bible) and through Jesus’ life has not and/or does not continue to change my life to be more and more like him,


I do not really believe it, and it will have no affect on my life, my relationships or my future!

I am still lost


explains my hopelessness, fear and confusion and

explains why my life does not reflect the goodness, humility and love found in Jesus’ life.


there is still hope and time!

Search what you have been told by whomever it is in the Word of God.

Trust the Truth you find there and judge all else by it and it alone!

Ask Jesus to forgive you of the times you have not lived up to what he teaches

Believe that He can and will forgive you

Confess that he is now in control of you life.

Belief is not about knowledge as much as it is about relationship. It is the intimacy of knowing and being known that is real. Jesus did not come to start a church or change a religion! He came to this world to enter into a relationship with you. Churches, schools, families are all important, institutions that God can and will use, but he desires relationship. This is the beginning because relationship is not static, it is alive/thriving/growing/maturing …


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