Posted by: critzpastor | March 23, 2010

Going with the flow

Road worthy?

Day 34
Week 5 Day 1 (Yes!)

My wife informed me that the title of my last blog may have been offensive to people with potty minds! Apparently, there is a segment of our society that may have thought that the title “The runs!” had something to do with diarrhea, which is really sick and twisted (I’m not really sure what that says about her mind, either?). Therefore, I have tried to use a little more tact and avoid the same scenario with this blog!

I have had to learn to be a little free flowing this week with my plans and goals. Isn’t it funny how “life” will insist on our remaining flexible? For instance, one of my goals this year was to ride in the Tarwheel Century. This is a 100 bike mile ride that my friend and I did several times near his home town in costal North Carolina. It’s usually a great ride to start the season, because it is flat (although the head winds can kill you!). The problem for me is that it is just creeping up on me too quickly. Although cycling is my passion, running is what is driving me and Kristen right now. So I have reluctantly decided to forego the Tarwheel this year and look for a century in May or June.

The good news is that since I have been running I am almost guaranteed that my legs should adjust to the bike easily. The seat is another story!

Flexibility …

As a pastor I have realized that a lot of us struggle with being adjustable with our goals. Too often we set rigid goals in our exercise routines or spiritual lives and when we fail or fall short we write the whole experience off as a failure. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we should lower our physical goals, nor should we be cavalier about failure in our spiritual lives. What I am recognizing is the inevitability of falling short of our goals/sinning/not measuring up. We are human and sooner or later we will mess up. In the book of Colossians there is a passage that deals with the eventual results of rigidness “touch not, taste not, handle not” the apostle says that this type of control has a “show of wisdom”, but it eventually ends in failure. Why because we are human!

So what is the answer? Go with the flow! Don’t plan for failure. Don’t lower your standards. Don’t live below your potential. However, understand that you are human. At some point you will fail to meet your training goals. At some point, probably without even realizing how it happened, you will be startled to realize that you have drifted away from “The Way, the Truth and the Light”. A slight change of direction, a small deviation in your course can cause you to “miss the mark”. In these situations don’t beat yourself up or throw in the towel. Be honest with yourself about where you are at and decide to adjust.

In our physical training it may be changing our training regimens, diets, sleep habits or training time table. Whatever it is make the adjustment, reset the goal and keeping moving! In our spiritual lives it is much the same. When we find ourselves off track or stuck we must be honest with ourselves. Sin is sin, and you deal with it the same way every time, once you admit it. Confess it to the Lord, ask forgiveness, and start heading in the right direction again. Everyone has fallen short at one point or another. Get over the pity party and get on with life. But whatever you do … DON’T GIVE UP! The Gospel story is full of people who blew it and still went on to do awesome things for God!

Now to brag a minute. Kristen and I killed week 5 of the C25K! This week we doubled our running intervals from 4 to 8 minutes intervals. We also lengthened the total time running from 20 to 24 minutes. We both were concerned about the jump up, but our endurance held! We are so pumped!


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