Posted by: critzpastor | March 29, 2010

Bad Coffee…Good Day!

Day 40

Week 5 Day 3 in the books!

I have a love/hate relationship with “The Passion of the Christ”! I watched it last night for the first time in several years. It always has a powerful affect on me. Being a recovering control freak I always hate the flood of emotions that I experience, while on the other hand it brings to life the story that is the central focus of my life like no other book/story/movie ever has. There are definitely some issues I have with the perspective of the story, but that would probably be true no matter who told the story or how it was presented. It is unavoidable with a story that so many have so much invested in.

For instance, the way Gibson presents Jesus’ mother Mary seems to reflect some of his Catholic theology and I suppose that is unavoidable. What struck me last night, funny enough, was how much I identify with Mary emotionally more than any other in the story. I found myself juxtaposing myself and my family with Mary emotionally. It makes sense really! There is no one more important to me then Jesus, nor is there a part of his life more emotionally charged and interwoven with my own then his “Passion”. The only way I can truly relate to it emotionally is by seeing the story with those I love the most in my family involved. That as you might imagine is a very unpleasant, but I also feel critical experience. Like I said love/hate!

Instant Coffee=Bad Coffee!

All of that adds up to an emotional evening. Add on top of that a late night sleep (it always happens when my family is out of town), no coffee beans on this very early morning, and it is going to be a good day!

Yes, a good day! I start week 6 day 1 of C25K either today or tomorrow depending on the weather. Kristen and I both finished strong on Saturday and the challenge of running 12 minute intervals is exciting. I know that sounds crazy even to me, but I am feeling so good physically and emotionally! My eating is under control thanks in large part to Nutrimirror. I am exercising regularly using C25K as my trainer and loosing weight (down 13 pounds so far).

A couple of really important hints to anyone interested first, eat dessert! Most of us won’t survive a life style change unless we can live with it in the long run. So eat dessert occasionally. Make wise choices such as frozen yogurt over ice cream. Try a prepackaged name brand dessert treat like Smart Choice or Weight Watchers. Or pick off the menu, but eat only half a piece and track the calories. By the way, I haven’t found any item, which I haven’t been able to find the nutritional information on line for it or a close equivalent on line using a number of web sites.

My second hint for those who are running is take the time and spend a little extra to get fitted for a pair of running shoes! Both Kristen and I have gone to Fleet Feet . We chose Fleet Feet because they specialize in sports foot ware and they fit each individual with shoes or inserts. I have to say that I have been in the store three different times now and the folks that work there are extremely friendly and helpful. Getting the right shoes for YOU can help eliminate pain in your feet, ankles, knees, back or any number of other areas. Not to mention, the right shoes can be the single key in helping you succeed and not give up in your exercise goal. The shoes we have bought average about $100. This may seem high, but as one article I read put it, “It’s a lot cheaper than you insurance deductible!” So there is my two hints (cents)!

Bad coffee a side, it is going to be a Good Day!


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