Posted by: critzpastor | April 6, 2010


Day 48
Day 1 Week 7 5K 101

Sunday was an awesome day! I know it’s Tuesday and I’m two days late (not sure if that makes me $2 short or what?), but our Easter service was such a refreshing time. I had been teasing the service for several weeks by saying that I would not preach any longer than 15 minutes on Easter. We even went so far as to call tell folks to come see an Easter miracle!

True to my word, my part of the service lasted less than 15 minutes. Of course there were about 5 of us that took turns telling the Good News of Easter, along with songs interspersed. Several people prayed to dedicate their lives to the Lord and begin a relationship with him! Needless to say it was awesome! God is Good!

Personally, I had a great week last week too. I finished Week 6 of 5K 101. Running the 24 minutes was a big step up in endurance. I wish I could say it was easy, but I will say it was worth it! Today, I ran Day 1 of Week 7, which was 3 intervals of run 12 minutes and walk 3. The only down side was running the road in front of our house. The diversity was nice, the hills not so much.

The big upside was that I ran 36 minutes! Even though I had 3 minutes to recoop in between I realized when I finished that I could definitely do this. I have no fear of the 30 minute run next week! Oh, and since I’m tooting my own horn, I have lost a total of 15.9 pounds since January 1st!



  1. Toot away honey (just not too near me!)!

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