Posted by: critzpastor | May 31, 2010

May in Review!

Day 93

Yes, I’m still counting even if I have been forgetting to post!

We began the month with our first 5K run, which we completed by not being last! YES! About a week later I actually ran 10K for the first time in a long time. I haven’t ran 6 miles since my college days! Man did it feel good to be able to do that again. Until I tried to get out of my truck afterwards! (Note to self: it is critical to cool down and stretch longer after a longer run or old muscles will refuse to stretch!)

Then we had a birthday party for our baby girl who turned the big ONE! We can’t wait until the adoption is finalized in June/July! This child has been such a blessing to our family. She is a big girl too! She weighed in at 28 lbs and 32 inches long at 1 year! She has never been sick and except for a few teeth coming in at the same time she usually in a great mood! Her vocabulary is growing everyday too. She says, “Yack-un” who is her favorite big brother, mum, da, doggie, thank you and of course NO!

Birthday Girl


Jaime discovers chocolate!

Last week, we finished the month off with a landscaping job … yes, contrary to popular belief, I do know how to do manual labor! Honestly, Kristen, Jackson and I spread 2 cubic yards of mulch by hand. I’ve been told that 2 cubic yards is about 1/4 of a semi trailer load! We also dug a new flower bed, planted almost a dozen shrubs, weeded, pruned, mowed, trimmed, edged ……… Seriously, this was a blessing! We made enough money to help get somethings we’ve been needing like a jogging stroller and to pay for our season passes to Wet and Wild this season! Jackson finished 5th grade with straight A’s again. We are so proud of him. This year has been a challenge for him learning to be a big brother and share his parents attention, but he has excelled at every turn! He is still doing great in Tae Kwon Do and will test for his first strip on his green belt at the end of June.

Horse stance, during his green belt test!

I am doing great on my journey! The weight is coming off slow, but steady and my body is responding to exercise. I actually crave exercise now and even get grumpy when I have a sedentary day. Kristen and I are training for an official 10K race together. Also a friend and I are going to register to do my first Mountain Century. We want to ride the Bridge to Bridge ride in September. I have always wanted to train for and complete one of these 100 mile rides through the mountains. They say the goal is not to win, but just to finish!

Spiritually we are blessed as well! The Lord has placed us in a church that if loving and supportive. As a congregation we have our challenges, especially with finances, but we are experiencing a spiritual renewal that goes beyond emotion. The Lord is stirring us by his Spirit in service and ministry to the hurting and lost. I have personally been wrestling with the understanding that being in God’s will can still leave you with struggles/challenges and even lean times. Obvious, I know, with even a cursory reading of scripture, but culturally we have embraced an Americanized gospel that highlights success/blessing and provision. So it’s not always easy to remember that God places us in situations where we are forces to remember that, “In our weakness, He is made strong”!

Sorry, it has taken so long to update…see ya soon!

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